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To get free copy of The Money Game eBook and Money Game Monthly Newsletter, complete information below. Start playing to win with your finances and markets by giving every dollar a job and understanding how money works for YOU!  "This book can change your life" (Testimonial).  Call me at 407 717-8217 or email me at or  Secure your financial future!

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My Money University and The Money Game are the creations of Professor of Business and Finance Charles Green to help you achieve financial freedom.  The Money Game is the foundation of MMU and invaluable resource to understand how to play to win with your finances, including trading and investing, in a world of economic uncertainty today. It's provocative, fresh, and empowering!  

No other book compares to the efficacy of The Money Game.  It's the only personal finance resource that's completely in touch with YOU and the real economy where you live everyday!  It's comprehensive and helps you to put the odds of success in your favor by understanding the money game and playing to win in any economic environment or market.  

"This book will change your life" (testimonial).

MMU Vision Statement

To provide the knowledge, tools and tools to help anyone achieve financial

MMU Mission Statement

1.  Help you develop a millionaire mindset (giving every dollar a job); 
2.  Get time on your side (increasing cash flow and paying off debt); and
3.  Reducing risk and increasing returns with trading and investments.

My Money University was founded in July 2007 by Charles Green, Professor of Finance.  To receive "The Money Game" eBook free and The Money Game monthly newsletter, complete information above.  

The resources MMU provides, will help win the money game by:
giving every dollar a job working for your future; getting time on your side by increasing cash flow and eliminating debt; and investing with success by reducing risk and increasing potential returns.

MMU empowers YOU with the knowledge, tools and resources you needed to achieve your financial goals and protect wealth in ANY economic environment. Time does not wait for anyone; get on the right track and destination for a secure financial future!

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